Soil fertility and microorganisms

The soil is alive. It is full of microorganisms that allow plant growth, as well as biodiversity and biomass increase. Although very few of them cause diseases in plants, the majority is extremely beneficial for the vegetation as they transform organic material into nutrients available for the plants. Mycorrhiza is the best example to understand it, which is an association between a plant and a fungi and are very common. The photos attached show the diversity and quantity of microorganisms we can find on a soil sample. Most importantly, soil regeneration always needs the addition of organic material to allow microorganisms reproduce.

Adding value to the Culture and Heritage of AlVelAl territory

AlVelAl Association celebrated its first meeting about Culture in the Baza Archaeological Museum, with the assistance of local authorities (concejala de Turismo del Ayuntamiento de Baza, Carmen González and museum director Lorenzo Sánchez). Culture is part of the initiative of landscape restoration that AlvelAl is leading in the region.

Some of the issues addressed were:

– The need to widely inform about the activities in AlVelAl.

– Defining our role in the process of building the identity of the people of the Altiplano.

– Promoting festivals with regional costumes and traditions, and promote them as unique touristic experiences.

– Involving educational sector into this initiative through strategic collaboration with centers and teachers.

-And many other activities that are under development.

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AlVelAl Agroecology lectures

AlVelAl and Commonland Foundation are running this initiative to promote local capacity building on different aspects of agriculture and land regeneration. We expect to create a space to share knowledge and experiences between farmers and any other people aiming to learn or share farming practices and projects. There will be three types of lectures: Seminars and courses, practical workshops and experimental workshops. Courses about water catchment, seed distribution, yeoman tilling or landscape reading have already taken place in this first month of Agroecology lectures.

AlVelAl profiles, Carmen Román Reche

Carmen, who was born in Luxemburg, came back to Spain at the age of 6. She and her family return to Chirivel, her mother’s birth place. She graduated as a biologist truly convinced of the potentialities that rural resources offer and finally started her local business activity. She has not stopped since then, in constant training and learning about respectful agriculture, green economy and business management. Nowadays, she is the manager of CRISARA, one of the biggest companies of the region focused on agricultural and environmental integrated services. The company has some patented products on fertilization and is working in different projects around the world. She has been awarded with the National Prize of Innovation Excellence for Rural Women in 2012, Distinctive of Equality in 2014 and the Almur Award 2011 for Innovation. She feels that the AlVelAl Initiative is a unique opportunity for the three counties involved, where “the sustainable development becomes a necessity”. Young people need to be involved and motivated to lead this vision and we all need to enable this generational transition in the agricultural sector.