The AlVelAl 2020 Restoration Plan includes actions in La Solana de La Muela and El Cortijico

After planting 50,000 plants of 5 native plant species in La Solana de La Muela between 2018 and 2019, AlVelAl continues to work on its Natural Zone Restoration Plan, taking another step in the ecological corridor that it wants to create over the years.

A proposal for 2019 and 2020 that will consist of various actions in El Cortijico, in the municipality of Chirivel; and La Muela de Montalviche. Consisting of sowing 200,000 seeds in El Cortijico and planting 30,000 trees in La Solana de La Muela.

A new commitment to the restoration of the landscape for which AlVelAl once again has the collaboration of Ecosia, the Ministry of Agriculture, livestock, fisheries and sustainable development of the Junta de Andalucía and the Sierra María-Los Vélez Natural Park. And that this time will also have the work of Jesús Ledesma and Dronecoria, for sowing, Excavaciones y Canalizaciones Pedro Robles for the mecanic hole digging and Montevivo for Planting.

First seed

The first sowing in El Cortijico has already been done, carried out by Jesús Ledesma that has consisted of the sowing of 47,000 seeds with the objective of facilitate the colonization process of these species.

In a first action, a biodiversity sowing was carried out with 9,976 seeds near the Millennium Sabina (La Sabina Milenaria), with Sabina and Juniper seeds; 6,075 seeds of Juniperus Thurífera, 2,081 seeds of Juniperus Phoenicea and 1,315 seeds of Crataegus Monogyna. A first action made with clay, humus, hydrogel and coconut fiber; to improve the probability of germination of these species that is very low. And also 60 seeds of Pinus Nigra and about 45 acorns of holm oak have been put.

Another action has been the sowing of 1,140 seeds of Pinus Nigra with 4 seeds coated with clay per hole to protect them and humus and hydrogel in the hole to improve the absorption and conservation of moisture for the first 4 years. As well as 10,000 seeds of Pinus Nigra launched on surface imitating what will be the sowing by drone that will be done in February, in order to observe the behavior of the same sown before the rains of autumn and winter.

In the same way, the 27,000 acorns collected by the students of the Agroforestry Cycle of the IES José Marín de Vélez Rubio have been sown, previously pre-germinated and protected with clay and rude essence to avoid the predation.

Remaining for the first months of 2020 the sowing with drone of some 140,000 seeds. Joining forces The association AlVelAl and Ecosia, join forces again in the fight against climate change working together in this plan of restoration of natural areas of AlVelAl.

One of AlVelAl’s objectives is to improve the resilience of the territory against droughts, climate change, soil erosion and fertility decline; as well as preserve the biodiversity of this area.

For its part, Ecosia is a social entrepreneurship project based on an internet search engine that destine 80 percent of its benefits to tree planting with the goal of reversing climate change; as well as others, in the short and medium-term, such as the recovery of biodiversity, a cooler climate, water security, clean air, soil protection and employment.

With these common objectives, both entities return to work together in the restoration of natural areas, being Ecosia the funder of the plant species and AlVelAl the executor of a restoration proposal whose final objective is to create an ecological corridor through the restoration of public and private natural areas with the collaboration of farmers.