The reforestation of La Solana de la Muela will bring greater diversity by attracting and recovering native fauna to this iconic place in Los Vélez.

The plants used for the reforestation of La Muela are native plants that provide different stages of vegetation that attract seed dispersants. A selection of plants is used to recover the native fauna which, in the past, had lost its natural habitat on the mountain.

This reforestation counts with the collaboration of Ecosia, through the donation of 50,000 native plants and the participation of Ecosystem Restoration Camps for the planting works. The reforestation is expected to improve the soil and is an action against erosion. It will promote the dispersal of seeds causing greater flowering after rainfall and a larger insect population.

Plants will attract different species of birds and insects, such as jays and paridae; who can act as seed dispersants and biological controllers of insect pests such as processional insects. These actions are contributing to a greater biodiversity of the ecosystem of La Muela, an emblematic mountain in the region of Los Vélez. Over the years this will once again be a source of pride for the local community and an emblem of the recovery of degraded areas in the south-eastern peninsula.


In addition to flora and fauna, biodiversity is key to the interrelationships between us and the environment. Biodiversity is a guarantee for the future of a territory.

It improves soil health and quality; and it also plays a fundamental role in atmospheric and climatic processes. In addition, it balances the wellbeing of the territory and makes it more resilient to climate change, favouring the good functioning of agroecosystems by improving their productivity.

Hand in hand for the Planet

The restoration of the landscape in Solana de La Muela is the first European project in which Ecosia collaborates. A project that is part of the challenge posed by the German company, to plant one billion trees worldwide by 2020. Ecosia has already started making this goal come true by doing natural restoration projects in Nicaragua, Peru, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Madagascar and Indonesia.

Two sustainable companies working with a common objective to fight climate change. Ecosia through tree-planting; and AlVelAl by improving resilience to drought, climate change, soil erosion, reduced fertility and biodiversity conservation.