With the reforestation of La Muela, the soil will be restored and provide resilience to the region of Los Vélez.

Soil is a basic resource for life in the planet, and it is easy to degrade but not easy to restore. AlVelAl understands that if we do not act to stop erosion and desertification today, we will continue to lose ecosystems, fertility and prosperity in our territory.

The restoration project of La Solana de la Muela responds to this feeling of urgency in the region of Los Vélez, especially affected by desertification due to drought and over-exploitation of soils.

Soils perform important functions in the ecosystem: by producing biomass, intervening in the water cycle as a protector and filtering groundwater pollution; fixing carbon dioxide, regulating the climate and helping to curb climate change.

Life for La Muela

Forests are the great guardians of the soil. Healthy trees protect the soil from wind and water erosion.

The reforestation of the Solana de La Muela is being carried out with the planting of native species. The arboreal and shrub vegetation produces biomass, contributing with organic matter to the soil and improving the availability of nutrients, hence increasing its fertility.

Greater vegetation cover increases shading on the soil, improves infiltration of rainwater, attracts insects that feed other animals or act as pollinators, favouring the production of fruits and seeds.

Reforestation generates a diverse, multi-layered and multifunctional mass, which helps to prevent fires by increasing the heterogeneity of the territory and breaking the connectivity of the forest mass.

These actions aim to regenerate the soil over the years, so that it will become a habitat for many species again, becoming a productive, fertile and a resilient land for the future.

Together against climate change

One of AlVelAl’s objectives is to improve the resilience of the territory against droughts, climate change, soil erosion and decreased fertility as well as to preserve biodiversity.

Ecosia is an impact enterprise based on an Internet search engine that allocates 80 percent of its profits to tree planting with the ultimate goal of reversing climate change. Besides that it seeks to contribute to recover biodiversity, initiate a cooler climate, water security, clean air, soil protection and employment.