The AlVelAl Association has already completed the first phase of the Landscape Restoration in the AlVelAl Territory (Altiplano de Granada, Los Vélez, Alto Almanzora, Guadix and Noroeste de Murcia regions) with the planting of 50,000 trees in La Solana of La Muela de Montalviche.

This place is an iconic place located in the region of Los Vélez, visible from many points of the territory with a significant level of erosion after years of unprotected soil, reaching bedrock in some places.

Restoration works had to be carried out manually due to the high southern slope of La Muela. It began in the end of october with the soil preparation, hydrological correction and water management after which planting started three weeks later, which was extended until ferbruari 16, 2018.

During these months, the work had to be stopped several times. The first break happened in December due to the lack of rain. It was important to wait and see how the trees behaved to the lack of water. Work was resumed in January when a good performance of the trees was visible.

For the reforestation of La Solana of La Muela, native species with high resistance to drought, erosion and climate change were selected; such as Pino Carrasco, Sabina Mora, Enebro, Encina, Coscoja and Espino Negro.

In addition to being the ones that best adapt to the climatic conditions of the area, lack of water, eroded soils and low temperatures, they also improve the infiltration of rainwater and attract insects that, in addition to controlling the growth of the trees, they are food for other animals that take refuge in them. In this way, it promotes biodiversity and the richness of the territory.

Social involvement

Following AlVelAl’s philosophy of generating future opportunities in the territory. The plantation has been carried out by 7 workers from the municipality of Vélez Blanco, 4 men and 3 women, hired through the municipality’s City council. Additional employment was generated by hiring services from companies such as the plants nursery that has provided seedlings to this project and vans to transport the plants to the point of work.

The project has also increased the participation of local society. Students from the José Marín Secondary School (Vélez Rubio) and volunteers from the Ecosystem Restoration Camps have helped make this all possible.

Unity in the fight of Climate Change.

The completion of these tree planting works in La Muela is the beginning of future actions for the implementation and maintenance of the reforestation works; and of the large-scale landscape restoration projects of the AlVelAl Association.

The first stage was made possible thanks to the collaboration of public and private entities such as the Commonland Foundation, the Regional Ministry of the Environment and Regional Planning of the Regional Government of Andalusia, the Wates and Ecosia Foundation, a company that has donated the 50,000 trees that are already growing in La Solana de La Muela.

This is the first project in which Ecosia collaborates with organizations in Europe. A project of the AlVelAl Association that contributes to part of the challenge posed by the German company, to plant one billion trees worldwide by 2020. Ecosia already has natural restoration projects in Nicaragua, Peru, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Madagascar and Indonesia.


Two sustainable companies working with a common goal, to fight climate change. Ecosia through tree planting; and AlVelAl by improving the resilience of the territory to drought, climate change, soil erosion, reduced fertility and preservation of biodiversity.