The landscape restoration project in La Muela has generated about 400 days for workers in the region.

The Landscape Restoration Project in La Solana de La Muela, promoted by AlVelAl and developed thanks to the collaboration of public and private entities, has reached the end of its first phase with the planting of 50.000 trees.

A landscape restoration work that began in the end of October with the preparation of the land and ended on 16th February with the planting of the last trees.

In total, 386 wages for 7 people, 4 men and 3 women, from the municipality of Vélez Blanco, were employed through the City Council. This is in addition to the pasrnership with other companies such as a plants nursery and transport company to transport the seedlings to the south side of La Muela.

Men and women have participated in this landscape restoration project that aims to generate much more employment. The fact is that a deteriorated and overgrazed landscape such as that of the AlVelAl territory causes the outmigration of rural areas that hinder its development. However, a more balanced environment, with more stable and fertile soil, ends up generating benefits at a local level through business development and job creation, and at a global level through CO2 fixation thanks to good soil health.

In this project citizen participation has been heavily promoted. Students of the FP courses of the José Marín Secondary School (Vélez Rubio) and volunteers from the landscape restoration camp located in the Junquera have actively participated in the work of preparing the land and planting trees.

Together against climate change

This landscape restoration project in La Solana de La Muela has been organized by the AlVelAl Association, and made possible thanks to the collaboration of public and private entities such as the Commonland Foundation, the Department of the Environment and Regional Planning of the Regional Government of Andalusia, the Wates Foundation and the German company Ecosia, which has donated the 50,000 trees planted for this purpose.

One of the objectives of AlVelAl is to improve the resilience of the territory to drought, climate change, soil erosion and decreased fertility and to preserve biodiversity.

Ecosia is a social entrepreneurship project based on an Internet search engine that allocates 80 percent of its profits to tree planting with the ultimate goal of reversing climate change, as well as other short- to medium-term goals such as restoring biodiversity, cooling the climate, water security, clean air, soil protection and employment.