Thanks to Ecosia’s interest in large scale landscape restoration and the donation of 50.000 trees by Ecosia, La Muela mountain in Vélez Blanco is being restored. Using the Ecosia search engine is a way to enable landscape restoration in the Alvelal region.

Today billions of internet searches are performed every day. The availability and the ease of using internet from any device has led to a society change in which more than 90 percent of people’s questions and doubts are consulted through the internet, regardless of their nature. A trend that has increased our carbon footprint, due to the use of electronic devices.

Although Google is the most known, there are others search engines that allow us to be socially and environmentally responsible through their activity.

This is the case of Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees. For each search done through this browser, the income generated by advertising goes to planting trees. Their goal is to plant a billion trees worldwide by 2020.

These are trees such as those Alvelal is planting in La Solana de la Muela through our landscape restoration project, where Ecosia collaborates by donating 50.000 trees.

The search engine

Ecosia is an eco-friendly search engine. For every x searches you do, the Ecosia team plants a tree. This is a way for all internet users to fight desertification and deforestation by only installing the free browser.

Using the Ecosia search engine, you also collaborate with projects that Ecosia has in Nicaragua, Peru, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Madagascar and Indonesia.

All these areas have one thing in common; they have lost at least 70 percent of original forest and help is needed to regenerate the soil, water retention and increase biodiversity.

La Muela

La Muela is one of the most emblematic natural places in the region, and its restoration consists of planting 50.000 trees, constructing a system of small dams with local materials, improve the vegetal biodiversity, increase the resilience of the forest and attract pollinating insects, birds and other native species that can be recovered.

This is a landscape restoration project in which you can collaborate by using the Ecosia search engine as default browser for your computer or Smartphone.

Joining forces against climate change

The collaboration of Ecosia and the Association AlVelAl was born from the work of both entities with the aim of stopping climate change.

Trees have a major positive impact on the world and are a natural way to combat climate change. They Absorb CO2, generate biodiversity, protect the soil, provide oxygen, provide food and employment, regulate hydraulic cycles and act as a sponge for the prevention of drought.

Together with Ecosia, and the Ecosystem Restoration Camps, AlVelAl is battling drought, climate change, soil erosion, decrease in fertility and is working towards the preservation of biodiversity.