This is the second planting action with native species in this natural area.

The AlVelAl natural area restoration plan continues to be supported by Ecosia, the ecological web browser which allocates 80% of its income to planting trees around the world.

This entity has once again committed itself to the Los Barrancos Public Mountain, located in the Sierra del Oso ZEC, with a new plantation of 20,000 individuals specimens of sessile  Spanish juniper (Juniperus thurifera) in order to diversify the forest mass of this natural area and create a viable and autonomous population of this native species. This action supports the 22,000 individuals already planted in 2021-22.

In this enclave location, an area of old abandoned crops, a relict population of sessile Spanish juniper was detected which, due to its own reproductive biology, the uncontrolled use of its wood and old forestry policies, saw its population dwindle. Occupied in the wooded areas by Aleppo Pine and stands of Aleppo Pine and Cypress.

The aim of these actions has been the diversification of the forest mass and the recovery, as far as possible, of an autonomous population of Aleppo juniper.

Plantación en Los Barrancos

During the previous year, in addition to planting, other work was carried out to preserve sediment in the dykes already built by the Regional Ministry with species such as Tarais and Poplars.

Together for the restoration of ecosystems
These actions are possible thanks to the collaboration of public and private entities, in this case with the collaboration of the Sierra María-Los Vélez Natural Park, the Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio de la Junta de Andalucía de la Junta de Andalucía and Ecosia, the ecological search engine Browser that is committed to planting trees to combat the climate crisis.

Ecosia has been collaborating in AlVelAl’s Restoration of Natural Areas plan since 2016, when it began to support the plantation of native species in La Solana de La Muela, the starting point of this ecological corridor that AlVelAl dreams of with the intention of creating an East-West axis that vertebrates the territory and serves to connect the natural spaces located to the south and north of it; connecting natural ecological corridors that already exist such as the Guardal, Castril, Guadiana Menor, Fardes, … rivers. and some of the existing wadis in the south of this axis.

Taking advantage of natural areas of farms of farmers who implement techniques of Ecological and Regenerative Agriculture; and the cooperation with the different competent administrations in environmental matters.