AlVelAl concludes a second phase of work on this public mountain in the Sierra María-Los Vélez Natural Park.

The association AlVelAl has concluded the second action of restoration of the ecosystem of the Monte Público Los Chaveses, thus continuing with its objective of creating an ecological corridor that vertebrates the territory.
In this second phase, work has focused on the integral recovery of the ecosystem through the creation of masses of mixed forest vegetation with tree and scrub species, through the planting of 38,000 individuals. This planting has been supported, on this occasion, by the construction of 15 water collection ponds to increase infiltration in the subsoil, also creating temporary water points useful for the reproduction of certain species of amphibians, eradication of alien species of invasive trees such as the Ailanto and the construction of rabbit pits in view of the very probable arrival of the Iberian lynx in the area.

This action is in addition continues to that already carried out in the previous year by AlVelAl, consisting of the planting of 1,500 specimens of native species in an area where it is hoped to continue working with new actions in the coming years. The aim of this work is to accelerate the restoration of evolved stages of potential vegetation, improve water availability and increase biodiversity.

An ecological corridor for biodiversity
AlVelAl’s ecosystem restoration plan includes various actions with the intention of creating an East-West axis that will provide the backbone of the territory and serve to connect the natural areas located to the south and north of it; connecting natural ecological corridors that already exist such as the rivers Guardal, Castril, Guadiana Menor, Fardes, …; and some of the existing wadis in the south of this axis. Taking advantage of natural areas of farms of farmers who implement techniques of Ecological and Regenerative Agriculture; and the cooperation with the different competent administrations in environmental matters.
Actions that are possible thanks to the collaboration of public and private entities, in this case with the collaboration of the Sierra María-Los Vélez Natural Park, and Trees For All, a public utility that has more than 20 years of experience supporting the restoration of ecosystems with the aim of creating a better climate and promoting biodiversity and healthier living conditions for society in general.